Audit Policy

Information we collect from User(s)/you

Identity Details, Contact Details, Personal Health Information (PHI), Personal Data, Sensitive Personal Data, Technical Information (such as IP address etc), Security Details (such as User Name, Password), Other Details (as may be required for providing the Services), data from Google Fit, and Apple Health and other fitness devices. We do not share any Identifiable Personal Information with any individuals, organizations and other companies. User(s) information is securely stored and utmost confidentiality is maintained and may be accessed/used/disseminated by us as per the terms specified herein.

Purpose for which information is collected from User(s)/you

The Information provided by User(s)/you and collected by us on this Digital Platform may be accessed/used/disseminated for the following purposes and the User(s) explicitly consent to the same:

  1. Communicating with the User(s)
  2. Providing the Services contemplated under this Digital Platform
  3. Offering new Services
  4. Analytical purposes in anonymous form or as de-identified data and for this purpose we may take assistance of our affiliates and trusted business partners in India or Outside India for research, development, studies, betterment of services, understanding the User(s) Experience, serving the individual needs of the User(s) and improving the overall health delivery services/health outcome of the User(s). Innerhush may disclose aggregated information, but it will never contain Information that will identify a single User.
  5. Obtaining feedback
  6. Record their telephonic, Video and chat conversations and/or consultations during their interaction with HCPs and other support staff and Innerhush can use it for legal, training and quality purposes
  7. Customizing User(s) needs and send personalized communications
  8. Link User(s) Account with third party(ies) health account(s) including but not limited to Google Fit, Apple Kit for tracking their health activities and such other third party(ies) as may be required for providing the Services available on Digital Platform.
  9. To send messages including but not limited to emailers, bulk emailers, SMS etc intimating the User(s) about Innerhush’s healthcare services, healthcare packages, offers and other promotional content. These messages may be sent using various third-party service providers

When User(s) interact with or respond to an email campaign shared by Innerhush, User(s) may be re directed to third party website(s). The third-party website may collect information about User(s) device, browser, IP address, operating system, interaction with an email etc. The third-party websites may also use cookies or other tracking technologies to identify the behavioural pattern of the User(s).

Processing, Disclosure and Sharing of information collected from the User (s)/you:

  1. Information collected from the User(s)/HCPs/HSPs on the Digital Platform forms an essential part of business structure and may be shared/used as described here in below and User(s) hereby consent to the same:
    1. (i) Third Party Service Provider(s),

      Information including but not limited to contact details, email ID will be shared with Third Party Service Provider(s), retailers, logistics service providers, E-mail Service Providers and other providers for providing the Services for the User(s) pursuant to the User(s) requests, especially while facilitating the Pharmacy and Laboratory Services. Information is likely to be exchanged while fulfilling orders, delivering medicines, etc. and for sending communications through e-mailers.

    2. (ii) Analytics Purpose(s),

      User(s) Information/data in deidentified form may be used by Innerhush or shared with Third Party(ies) either in India or outside India for Analytical Purposes for improving User(s) experience and User(s) use of the Platform.

    3. (iii) Other Associated Services,

      User(s) Information/Data may also be used for providing (a) assistance, (b) effective search results and links (including listings and paid services) and (c) customer experience/service. Innerhush assures that any information exchanged herein shall be in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

    4. (iv) Information required by law,
      1. Innerhush may share the information given by the User(s) if directed by any judicial or a statutory authority or against receipt of judicial or statutory order or to comply with applicable law. Please be assured that no such information will be provided to any Third Party for any commercial purpose in any such way which is contrary to the commitments made under the Privacy Policy.
      2. Information required for investigation,
  2. Innerhush may share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of these Terms and/or privacy policy, or as otherwise required law.

    1. In the event, if there is any information which has to be provided outside the scope of this Privacy Policy, a prior notification and request for consent /approval will be shared with the User(s).
    2. Destruction of Data/Information Supplied by the User(s)/you

Any data/information supplied by the User(s)/you and collected by us shall be securely stored for the duration required under applicable law. In the event any User(s)/you are deleting their account or a User account becomes inactive, the concerned User(s)/you shall have no access to the data/information supplied and collected by us and the same shall be deleted from our servers after the duration for which it is required to be stored.