Health Anxiety


Health Anxiety

Spending hours on the internet exploring health information, not feeling better or assured even after test results show that you are healthy, thinking you may have a severe ailment like cancer and not just a common cold after getting scratchy throat- all of these behaviors indicate that one may have health anxiety. You can always take an Anxiety disorder test to check whether you are suffering from this condition or not.

Health anxiety involves irrational, obsessive worry about having a serious medical condition. It is also known as illness anxiety or hypochondria. This mental health issue is marked by the imagination of physical symptoms of illness in a person. It may also involve misinterpretation of normal body sensations or minor issues as severe symptoms, even after the reassurance of medical professionals that they are healthy.

Difference between being concerned for health and having health anxiety

All people have to be proactive about taking care of their health and well-being. Being concerned when your body is sending signals that you are unwell is pretty normal. Health anxiety, however, is marked by a constant belief that you have symptoms of a severe medical issue. You might become extremely consumed by this worry that the distress eventually becomes disabling.

If you get concerned about your health, the most rational reaction would be to visit a doctor. But if you have health anxiety, then you are likely to experience extreme distress about your real or even imaginary symptoms even after doctors assure you that you are healthy and your medical test results come back negative. This condition goes beyond having a normal concern for health. This condition can interfere with your quality of life, including your ability to:

  • Function on a regular basis
  • Work in a professional or academic setting
  • Create and maintain meaningful relationships
  • It is important to consult Doctors for anxiety if you are experiencing signs of health anxiety. They would be able to diagnose your condition properly, and suggest the required treatments.

    What may cause people to develop health anxiety?

    While the exact causes of health anxiety have not been yet ascertained by experts, most believe that the following factors would be involved:

  • A person may have a poor understanding of diseases, body sensations or both of these things. They might think that a serious illness is causing certain body sensations, thereby leading them to look for evidence that confirms their thoughts.
  • A person has a family member or members who are highly worried about their health.
  • One has had past experiences in dealing with major medical issues in childhood. Hence, even when they are adult and healthy, physical sensations experience by them, no matter how minor, end up stressing them out.
  • Health anxiety usually occurs in early or middle adulthood and can worsen with age. For older individuals, health anxiety might focus on a fear of developing memory problems as well.

  • Going for Anxiety Online Counseling can help people to manage their anxiety levels, and lead a happier, more contented life.