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We at Inner Hush understand that there are times when you are unable to physically take your pet or a rescued street animal to a vet clinic. This may be because you’re stuck at home without means of transportation, stuck at work, on vacation, feeling unwell, or because of a lack of veterinary services in your area. To ease your worries, Inner Hush is here to offer you the best quality in online veterinary consultation with the best doctors. Our audio/video interaction service will put you in touch with highly qualified and experienced veterinarians through cost-saving plans that will be easy on your pockets, while giving you the best in guidance and knowledge on what your pets or streeties need.

Online Veterinary Consultations - Go For It!

Having a pet in the house can fulfil your life in so many ways. Pets can make your life more joyful; they can reduce anxiety and increase your peace of mind. However, taking good care of a pet can be as challenging as rearing a child, if not more. A slight deviation in the pet’s health or behaviour can trigger worry. Yet, rushing to a vet clinic for every minor ailment might not be a practical solution every time, especially during odd hours, office hours, or if the clinic is far away. Thankfully, the advancement of technology has provided us with a safe and reliable option of Online Veterinary Consultations, where you can avail virtual consultations for your pets as well as for stray animal rescues.

  • Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people began depending on online services for most of their requirements. During this time, numerous online veterinary consultation services gained popularity. The structure of this service includes an online application through which a licensed veterinarian doctor can be consulted virtually for an animal’s health or behavioural problems, following which, a medical prescription is presented. In addition, this service also serves as a remarkable and trustworthy platform for pet parent counselling.


    This type of consultation requires reliable and high-speed internet connectivity. Pet parents as well as animal rescuers can engage in video calls with the registered doctors. Through this service, the doctors will get a clear picture of any physical issue troubling the animal, such as limps, injuries, skin infections, ticks, etc, and fill in the prescription as per the requirement. Video consultations also gives an insight into the environmental conditions in which the pet is being brought up or kept, which may have a direct effect on its behaviour or health.

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Audio Consultations

This service holds good for people with minor doubts regarding their pet’s diet, sleeping pattern, digestive issues, and so on. They can book appointments for audio calls with expert veterinarians to get their doubts clarified.

Chat Consultations

In places where there are issues related to the availability of consistent high-speed net connectivity, chat services come to the rescue. Pet parents and rescuers can engage live chats with the vets regarding an animal’s ailments, while also being able to share pictures of the animal.


Online vet consultations can save you a lot of time, especially if you stay far away from a veterinary clinic of repute. Driving your pet over long distances through heavy traffic for minor doubts and ailments can be hectic and time-consuming, while also proving to be stressful for the animal. In some cases, you may also need to take a day off from your work for a physical consultation at a vet clinic.

Stress Management

Online consultation services can be booked instantly at the click of a button. This can save you from the stress of planning a visit to the vet clinic and bring you peace of mind.

Budget Friendly

As we have all experienced, at most times, physical veterinary consultations can come at a huge price. You may have to shell out a lot of money every time you visit the vet clinic, irrespective of the severity of the ailment. Besides, you can cut down on your travel expenses.

Location Friendly

Online veterinary consultations with a certified expert can be taken anywhere, from the comfort of wherever you are present a given time. More importantly, this can save your pet or rescue from the uneasiness or anxiety caused by travel or a new place.

Best Option During Covid-19

This service offers you the best way to maintain distance, stay safe and be responsible, without neglecting the needs of your pet or rescue.

  • The first step to address before booking an online consultation is to make a list of all questions that you may have for the doctor, so that you don’t miss out on any important queries in the middle of the conversation. This can help you avoid re-booking another appointment to find answers to questions you left-out.
  • The medical history of your pet or rescue should be kept handy. In most cases, previous or recurring ailments can lead to secondary issues, which can be diagnosed properly with a thorough knowledge the animal’s previous medical conditions.
  • Always keep the animal in an accessible area, in case the vet needs to virtually see its physical condition.
  • The primary care taker of the animal must be present during the consultation, as this will make it easier to answer the various questions posed by the vet.
  • Be ready to show the environment in which the pet or rescue spends most of its time.
Preparing for Challenges

Certain cases of medical illnesses call for physical examinations, blood tests, ultrasounds and other diagnostic measures that can only be availed through a visit to the vet clinic. So, while the benefits of Online Veterinary Consultations are immense, always stay prepared with a list of veterinary clinics in your neighbourhood or district in case of emergencies. Keep in mind, that if a trusted and reliable online vet consultant asks you to take the animal to a vet clinic for physical diagnostic procedures, it’s because the vet has determined an immediate need for it. But on the whole, online veterinary consultations have proven to be extremely useful and helpful for their reliability, user-friendly design, ease of access and of course, for bringing peace of mind to thousands of pet parents and animal rescuers.

With inputs from Kokila Ramachandran

Image by Martine Auvray